The Anatomy of a Cyber Defamation Lawsuit

We have created to provide you with the anatomy of a cyber defamation lawsuit. There are people online that will post lies, half truths, and even distorted truths out of context about you on the Internet. Some of these psychos will even try to post about your family and friends. The worst ones will do what they can to make sure that you see these posts and try to get a reaction. The reaction that they want is for you to crawl into a ball and suffer from this harassment. We are here to show you that the only real option that you have is to fight back. Once you start fighting back, they will post even more lies about you and try to hurt your reputation and retaliate against you. Guess what? They have already done that which is why you’re here in the first place. The worst they can do to you they have already done, it’s your turn to fight, to make them stop, to make them pay.

You wish that they would just stop so that you could go back to your normal life. Don’t count on it. When faced with a lawsuit about statements that can be easily be proven false, most rational people would stop, try to settle, stop the behavior. When stripped of their anonymity and when you produce the messages that they sent to their friends proclaiming that they would do to you what they have done, rational people may back down. But these are not rational people.

I have dealt with the owner of several so called “revenge” sites. Through the years and for some irrelevant reasons, this 50+ year old man has developed what seems like an unhealthy and somewhat creepy obsession with me. This prick has tried to remain anonymous while at the same time emailing threats to whoever he can think of, sometimes using his real name, sometimes using a fake name. I have used some of the techniques, tactics and procedures that will be described on this site to trace these things to him. I have never met this man but he insists in getting in the middle of my life. Well, since he insists, it will be a very painful place for him. You can and should do the same too. In my case, this psychopath appears to have developed a sick obsession with me. Why? I really don’t care, you should never care about a terrorist’s motivations. Why do they hate us? What have we done? As a former Naval Officer I recommend doing what our military does. We protect our people from those who wish to cause us harm, their motivation is irrelevant.

If someone who I have never met can get to the point of creepy crazy, imagine what someone who you have actually met will do. If you get them to back down without grinding them through the litigation process, good for you. Just don’t count on it. We will walk you through the relevant steps. Decisive but not rushed action. Gather all the evidence. Contact law enforcement? We will provide you with some laws that apply so that you can make informed decisions.

These people think that they are above the law, they are not. That is why we have Courtrooms and Judges. Your goal is not to win an Internet debate, your goal is to bring these cowards to justice.
Do they use “anonymous” or “free speech” hosts offshore, perhaps in Iceland or similar places. It doesn’t matter. After we get done here, these hosts will not be safe from you and your litigation. You will adjust your plan and things may take some time but by all means, plan to march along. It is your life, your reputation, and you are not willing to let them take it from you.
In the next few months, this site will take you through the steps necessary.